Has anything happened yet?
(bless me t)

Altar installation, 60 x 100 cm
Silk, testogel container, various objects

shown @ Scherben Gallery, Berlin
photos by Won Park, Ania Butenina

“Has anything happened yet? (bless me t)” is an altar installation on gender transition through transdermal self-medication. The piece explores the rituality of transitioning, questioning its political weight, privacy, and accessibility. The altar displays found personal objects closely tied to the reality and process of trans-masculine transitioning, and invites the viewer to a moment of public intimacy.

 just a phase
(touch me gently)

Manual punch needle piece, 95 x 65 cm
Yarn, cotton, metal chain
shown @ Sonntags Club, Berlin

the cutest criticism
a loop

Performative Installation with live ASMR
Collab w/ Almitra Pyritidis, jpeg.love

 @ Napoleon Komplex Gallery, Berlin
Curated by Constantin Hartenstein, Jimmy Robert

“We are queer because we refuse to take a fixed form.” (Antke Engel). “The cutest criticism” is a live ASMR performance on the inner critical voice. The costume is entirely handmade, thematizing the process of production: Hand-knitted pieces show how a person felt while knitting. In a relaxed state, the stitches are loose and soft. Being physically tense creates a tight, rigid pattern. When we are daydreaming, small bumps or holes show. A knitted piece thus works like a diary of mental health. The details of the costume also feature nostalgic elements such as glass beads or Fimo, referring to childhood moments within the safer space of play. Costume, body and installation merge into one sculpture.

Praying Mantis

Interactive durational performance, 3hours / 4days
PVC, fabric, metal chain, metal mesh, artificial hair, moss, yarn

Photos: Christina Huber, Alexandra Deem, Nikolaus Brade

@ Display Berlin Exhibition “Weltuntergang”
@ “KUNST RAUM STADT” University of Arts, Berlin
Curated by Constantin Hartenstein

After the apocalypse, the few species that have survived will start to live in symbiosis with each other to survive, rather than exploitation. From this state of being, a new ritualistic cult will arise. One member of this cult visits our present world, and invites you to a one-on-one ritualistic sequence.