Elin Laut is a non-binary costume artist based in Berlin.

Merging the media of costume, video, performance and installation, Elin creates works with a strong focus on costume as a political messenger: Exploring the deconstruction of identity, race and gender through an intersectional queer-feminist lense. Queerness, gender fluidity and anti-discrimination are central. Their costume pieces occupy the space between sculpture and clothing, experimental wearables made from non-textile materials.

Elin is currently studying Costume M.A. at Berlin’s University of the Arts (UdK). They are one of the founding members of critical.costume, an initiative that promotes the self-empowerment of FLINTA costume artists.

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Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich
Volkstheater, Munich
bat Studiotheater, Berlin
DISPLAY Gallery, Berlin
Bi'Bak Kunstraum, Berlin
Villa Stuck Garten, Munich
Napoleon Komplex Gallery, Berlin
Sonntags Club, Berlin
Favourites Film Festival, Berlin

Slippage Magazine, New York

NEUBAU / Universal Music, Berlin