15m 50s
Costume, Performance, Videography
February 2021

Camera + Sound design: Julian Lautenbacher
Music: Shygirl, Bernadette Carrol 

Inspired by Eugène Ionescos “Rhinocéros”, the performance piece DAISY questions the possibility of emancipation within a patriarchal system. Playing with the viewer’s individual associaton-pool through mass media and pop-culture references, the piece explores the role of the male gaze and in the construction of femininity, whiteness, identity and gender.


(”Auto” by Klitclique)
3m 11s
Costume, Performance, Videography
July 2020

Music: Klitclique
Performing: Sarah-Elise Ali-Ben-Ali, Felix Kusser, Elin Laut
Camera: Julian Lautenbacher, Tristan Hedges
Filmed on a mini-DV tape recorder. 

Exploring toxic masculinity and masculinity as performance in public spaces. The costume mixes my own wardrobe and the wardrobe of cis-male friends and family.


2m 27s
May 2020

Sound: Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer (Music From Memory)
Featured by Slippage Magazine

"Nachtschattengewächse” explores the possibility of a new masculinity. Playing with detached perspectives in an artificial environment, the piece questions the logic of characteristics typically ascribed to human bodies read as cis-male.


Video performance with wearable sculpture
In collaboration with Viktoria Posavec
Performing: Polina Shpazhnikova
December 2018

Exploring the duality of the private body and the body of power, based on the Armada Portrait of queen Elizabeth I. 


2m 13s
Video, set, costume
Sound: Laurie Anderson
June 2019

Exploring materiality, sound and texture.