not ur fetish
(what happened to ur voice?)

10m18s loop
Performance / Concept: Elin Laut
Kamera / Light / Nails: Mattia Friso
Slime Coordination: Fiona Balzer
Music / Sound Design: Julian Lautenbacher

exhibited at
CASINO REAL 777 @ City-Casino Alexanderplatz, Berlin (by adrenalin collective) 2023
USC Slime Fest @ Kunstraum Kranzler Amt, Berlin (dykon1c x heartqore) 2023
Transition Archives @ Culterim Backshop, Berlin 2023

The video work centres the trans body as a surface of projection. Drawing upon the iconography of the mermaid as an inherently non-binary entity, the performance explores themes of disgust, objectification, rebirth, and metamorphosis.


5m 18s
Collab w/ Mattia Friso
Performing: Teo Pyritidis, Tin Wang, Sarah Seini, Michl Best

Exhibited at
Körper & Stoffe @ UdK Medienhaus, Berlin 2022
Bewegtbildklasse @ UdK Rundgang, Berlin 2022 
queering ~ costume @ Sonntagsclub, Berlin 2022
(s)exhibition @ Zeitgeist Zentrum, Berlin 2023

Queer Bodies is a three chapters video installation that explores the process of embracing queer identity: From the death of the former self, to the searching for agency, to the creation of a community. The viewer is drawn into a reality where subjects tell about themselves and bodies manifest themselves in an unconventional way.


15m 50s
Costume, Performance, Videography
Camera, Sound design: Julian Lautenbacher
Music: Shygirl, Bernadette Carrol 

Featured by Eigenart Magazine 2021

Inspired by Eugène Ionescos “Rhinocéros”, the performance piece DAISY questions the possibility of emancipation within a patriarchal system. Playing with the viewer’s individual associaton-pool through mass media and pop-culture references, the piece explores the role of the male gaze and in the construction of femininity, whiteness, identity and gender.

(”Auto” by Klitclique)

3m 11s
Costume, Performance, Videography
Music: Klitclique
Performing: Sarah-Elise Ali-Ben-Ali, Felix Kusser, Elin Laut
Camera: Julian Lautenbacher, Tristan Hedges
Filmed on a mini-DV tape recorder. 

Screened at
Favourites Film Festival @ City Kino Wedding, Berlin 2022

Exploring toxic masculinity and masculinity as performance in public spaces. The costume mixes my own wardrobe and the wardrobe of cis-male friends and family.


2m 27s
Sound: Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer (Music From Memory)

Featured by Slippage Magazine, New York 2020 

"Nachtschattengewächse” explores the possibility of a new masculinity. Playing with detached perspectives in an artificial environment, the piece questions the logic of characteristics typically ascribed to human bodies read as cis-male.


9m 18s

Video performance with wearable sculpture
Collab w/ Viktoria Posavec
Performing: Polina Shpazhnikova

Exploring the duality of the private body and the body of power, based on the Armada Portrait of queen Elizabeth I.